Wednesday, November 2, 2011

*sigh, I need motivation!, my thoughts on the Steampunk basing kit.

Hi Guys,

Lately work has just been busy, and haven't done much. That and I needed to rant how I've been feeling lately when it comes to I apologize in advance.

It probably doesn't help that my gaming meta is a pretty competitive, tournament going group. Being the casual player doesn't really fit in. We really don't have leagues or campaigns sadly unless I run one, which is just a lot of effort and usually means I don't get to participate. Unfortunately it's been leading to a severe dislike and lack of motivation towards working on my WM models. Don't like going into play a game and getting criticized for not taking something competitive (I take the models I like and that think look cool most of the time) and then proceed to get smashed turn 2 and the game ends. Not really fun in my opinion, so I haven't really ventured up to the LGS.

Surprisingly enough, an old friend of mine got in touch with me just the other day too. He wanted to know if I was interested in participating in a Necromunda League. I was like hell yea! Used to play that a lot in the mid 90's and such. For those of you who didn't know, before Warmachine, I played GW games for about 20 years, starting with Rogue Trader up until 5th Edition of 40k, and 3rd edition of Warhammer until roughly 7th Edition.

I pulled out all my old Necromunda mini's last night, and tonight I'm hoping to give them a nice little revamp and bring some life into em'.  So my next few posts will be mixed up a little more with that, rather than PP.

I did however receive my skullcrafts basing kit, and after going through it, not much is really different from what you would normally use. I did take a few pictures of the cogs and parts they give you, I feel the kit is "ok" but definitely not something that stands out like I thought it might. I'll be adding a few pictures this evening of what I take of the kit. The grey paste was alright, but I think I'd prefer milliput a little more, as it hardens better. The grey stuff was nice that I could add some gravel and such to the mix before it dried, but not much to work with depending on your base size.

The rest of the product wasn't bad, the leaf scatter and cork scatter is pretty fair. I think the cork scatter would be great for those who did outcrop, rock, or mountain bases for sure. Or if you use the large cork pieces for your bases, this would be a nice way to help round of the edges and such by adding a little pva glue and sprinkling/submersing the base in a tub of it.

I'll update this post tonight with some pictures, and hopefully be posting again by the weekend.

Cheers mates.

Monday, October 17, 2011

basing kit is here!

Hi guys,

Got the basing kit in the mail today after an apparent hiccup with the ordering process over at Skullcrafts. Also had Clash for the Cure just this past weekend on the 15th!

Stay tuned over the next day or so, I'm going to do my write up and review of the new(relatively new) Steampunk Basing kit by Skullcrafts and a run down of Clash!


Monday, October 10, 2011

waiting...waiting...but there's always good in waiting!

So quick update. I decided to go with the Steampunk basing kit from Skullcrafts. I've used a few of their products before, so when these show up I'm going to do a nice little review on them. I've also decided that in recent light, I'm probably going to use some of it on a small skorne army I'm working on too.

One of the PG's on the forums, PG Warlockbylandt, his son Vince (he's 15 yrs old) got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis ;(. I know his lad is going through a tough time right now, especially since he has to have a new pair of lungs transplanted here very soon. Here's the links to the PP pages:

Medical Situation
Ghool's contribution

However, a few of the guys on the forums are donating some models to this brave young man. I've always had a soft spot for things like these, my mum always said it was my noble nature *shrug* that I get from her side of the family. I've donated small armies (25-35 points) and battlefoam bags in the past to certain events and leagues, but I've decided to do something special this time around.

The recent Trencher army that I've been building, I've decided I'm going to donate it to Vince and mail it out to him. Granted I don't have the time to paint it sadly, and I wish I could ;(. But in my mind, and one of the reasons I was built this army was cause I've always been inspired by the basic "grunt" and the hardships they endure and how tough they are and always come out fighting and on top no matter the odds. I'm a huge history nut when it comes to warfare and the Infantry, and I admire those like this in the past.

Well, I see Vince as a Trencher in Cygnar Boot Camp. He's got a tough time ahead of him, and it's not going to be easy. But in the end, he's going to come out stronger, and better than ever before! So Vince, here's some reinforcements to help you through your struggle!

Grenadier Light Warjack x2
Lancer Light Warjack x1
Centurion Heavy Warjack x1
Trencher Infantry - Full unit with Unit Attachment and 2 Grenade Porters
Trencher Commandos - Full unit with 3 Scatter Gunner Weapon Attachments
Trencher Cannon and Crew
Trencher Chain Gun
Long Gunners - Full unit with Unit Attachment
Trencher Master Gunner solo x2
Captain Maxwell Finn

This comes out to 74 points of butt kicking Infantry awesomeness!

I should be doing an update for the Basing kit around Wednesday, should be here by then. But for now that's it, keep Vince and his family if your prayers my fellow readers if you can please :).

Monday, October 3, 2011

To the trenches lads' !

I know I haven't updated in a while, I'm sorry ;/. Life, work, and school has been busy, along with quite a few commissions at my FLGS.

I have been having the itch to build a Trencher force, for quite some time actually. I honestly hate Cygnar with a passion, as it's the only faction I have never owned or collected. Well I took that plunge, cause I'm a fan of the Trencher models and the type of warfare they represent and bought me a force that I will probably run with Haley or Stryker. This will probably be more of a fun list, with a little competitive edge to it, rather than something to steamroll someone with.

The beginning...

This list of models in the above picture:

Mk2 Trencher Box
Trencher Unit Attachment
Trencher Grenade Porter x2
Mk2 Long Gunners Box
Long Gunner Unit Attachment
Trencher Commando Box
Trencher Commando Scatter Gunner x2
Trencher Master Gunner Solo x2
Cap'n Maxwell Finn
Trencher Chain Gun Crew
Trencher Cannon Crew
Fuzzy Cat Tail

Now after watching Kingdom of Heaven (haven't watched that in a while, so figured why not), I managed to get assembled:

Full Unit of Trenchers with UA, and both Grenade Porters-I'll eventually find a 3rd one.
Full Unit of Long Gunners with UA
Cap'n Maxwell Finn
Trencher Master Gunner solos x2
Trencher Commandos 95%-have to attach a few hands and sheathed blades.

Tonight I going to knock out the little pieces for the Commandos for sure, but haven't decided if I'm going to do the Mud bases with Milliput or try to wrap up the rest of the models.

But I'm currently not doing commissions and work has slowed down, so I plan to start updating more now that I'm working on my own models again! lol. I should have some more pics up tomorrow for you guys! I'll also try to do a small walk through of how I do my bases as well, with some WIP shots in my next post!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alright, back into the swing.

Well last Saturday, August 27th, I held and TO'd our Warmachine Weekend Qualifier here at Asgard Games! Was pretty awesome, Legion of Everblight took home the top spot, not to mention a slot in the Warmachine Weekend Invitational Tournament this year.

As for models, I'm finishing up a few more Rhulics that I'm donating to Rich over at Clash for the Cure in October, for his tournament in Waco, TX. Clash for the Cure! is the Facebook page, I highly suggest checking it out and try to attend if you're in the area! I know I'll be going along with a few other friends here from Houston.

My paint and play league is going fairly well, we're about to start week 7 and jump to 35 point games. I'm hoping to have some pictures up here in the next few days.

After I finish up my last pinning commission this evening (I'm up to 170 Iron Fang Pikemen and 60 Bane Knights now!) I'm hoping to throw some paint on Prime Thagrosh. I've just been itching to paint him, not sure why really.

Well next update by the weekend! Cheers lads!

Monday, August 8, 2011

In case you haven't notcied....

I'm slowly but surely giving the blog an update!!

Throughout this week, I'll be adding more to my blog here, showing the league I'm currently running and adding some pictures and few things that I've been meaning to do, just not have enough time in the day.

Thanks for your patience guy's during this re-construction! Coming soon - streaming updates!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Well, better late than never!

Hey guys,

I'm doing horrible at trying to keep up with posting twice a week, I know, fail lol. But I have been trying to get a few things done. I've been wrapping up the last details for the Warmachine Weekend Qualifier I'm running here in Houston, on August 27th, and also putting the finishing touches on the Paint and Play league I'm running that starts next week. Both events are in the clear now, and I can rest easy for the moment.

As for models, I've completed my 15 point army for fielding in the Paint and Play! Here's the list:

15points - Privateers! - Shae's Theme force - A Pirate's Life

Cap'n Shae - +6 WJ pts
-Freebooter - 6 pts
-Mariner - 8 pts
Pressgangers - Min Unit - 4 pts
Doc Killingsworth - 1 pt
First Mate Hawk - 1 pt
Bosun Grogspear - 1 pt

His theme list makes solo's 1 point cheaper, which is totally awesome. I was tempted to drop the Mariner and take the Commodore Cannon, a Buccaneer, and Dirty Meg. But I thought it'd be a little overkill at such a small game, and really didn't want to discourage people from playing me lol. That cannon is pretty menacing, a lot of people just don't know it lol.

I chose my 3 solo's for support with the Pressgangers specifically for what they do to  make the Pressgang unit more effective. First Mate Hawk gives them an additional damage dice, which is always nice. Pressgangers are Tough, add the Bosun to them, they're immune to knock down in his CMD range, which can make or break em' and doesn't free up line of sight for my opponent, Doc gives them 4+ Tough rolls instead of 5+, giving them a 50/50 survival rate!

I'm happy with the list at the moment, if it turns out I need to put the Commodore in, I'll find out after a few games to see if I need the extra hitting power over the Mariner. Here's a snapshot I took last night, I've started to put a little paint onto Shae, and I'm hoping to get some more base coats on him tonight, we'll see lol.

Sorry for this post being a little short guys, I'm going to try and get another update in by the end of this week. And I'm trying to scrounge up some time so Plarzoid can give me a hand in revamping my page, so fingers crossed!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Quick Update!

Hey guys!

This is just a quick update, been busy the past few days since getting back from Lock and Load! Going to update this weekend with a post, and thanks to Plarzoid, a revamp of the blog!

Lock and Load was awesome as well! The tournaments, the casual play, and the Seminars were fantastic! Not to mention, my close friend, and LGS Owner, Will Pagani, brought home the 2011 Masters Championship!!! Our club, the Texas Renegades, has become quite popular now, we had 4 of our guys, out of 16 players, in the Masters Tournament. How awesome is that?!

Well back to work right now, I'll be posting a few of the pics I snagged from L&L and the new WIP shots of what I'm starting to work on as well here very soon!!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lock & Load is right around the corner!!!!!

Hey guys!

I know I haven't really updated this in a very long time. I've hit a modeling slump and it's been kind of rough to get out of. Luckily, the past two weeks have helped, with the excitement that comes with conventions. I already knew I was going to Lock and Load since they announced it, and the fact it wasn't too far off in the future motivated me to at least get the army I was taking finally assembled!

My army decision was totally based on the fact I like the Kromac model, and I also played him in Mk1 Warmachine/Hordes. I was goofing off around the game shop a little over two weeks ago and then it hit me. I should totally take a Kromac list to L&L since I love that model so much! I'm a huge fan of the Tharn model range, I guess it's just something about the savage and barbaric nature to them, it really appeals to me.

Here's a little pic of Kromac and his warpack!

I still have to decide on a second caster, and it was a tough choice, it's two days away, and I'm still deciding between Mohsar and Epic Kaya, I like Mohsar more but my list composition changes quite a bit to a point where it doesn't suit my play style. Still working out the play testing bugs on that though (we've been practicing everyday for about two weeks now lol).

I know this is a short post, but playing everyday the past few weeks has greatly given me the motivation I needed again to go full swing in the hobby again. So stay tuned after this coming weekend, I'm going to revamp my page a little bit, add a convention album section (hell yea, L&L pics!), going to redo the army list section I was trying to work on, and post up the new Paint and Play League I'm going to run in July. The last one I ran earlier this year was such a hit, that I've been getting numerous questions if I'm going to run another and how people were wanting in on it. My goal for the rest of this month, and July, is to post every Monday, and Thursday at the very minimum, regardless of it's nature, being just a little painting, or a full blown mod.

I'm also going to do a little raffle in a way. I know my buddy Plarzoid has done one, and I think it could work for me as well. I know I've only got 4 followers right now, you guys rock by the way, thanks for continually being there! My goal is to have 20 consistent followers by the end of July. If I can accomplish this, some lucky follower is going to get a limited run cast of the Resin Sorscha produced by Privateer Press. You know, this one:

I won't be posting again until after this weekend, gotta finish getting models ready this evening, and get a few more games in. Not mentioning still have to pack, as we leave Friday morning to head out to Seattle! I will see you guys Monday night, with a new post, and stories from Lock and Load!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Distractions....and Cigars!!

Heya guys!

Well, I won't lie, it's been busy with work and school (finals last week and this week), but that's no excuse! I've been a little lazy in what spare time I've had, and feel free to smack me with the lazy stick.

I have been working on the Khador list I'm taking to L&L Hardcore next month, running out of time to get it painted, along with working on a few Piggies(go minions!). I'm going to leave a few spaces to insert pictures tonight, forgot my bloody camera at home (at work right now). But I've started working on Rorsh and Brine, which are just awesome models! Not to mention he's got a cigar, which is hands down awesome.

<insert picture here>

I've been a huge cigar connoisseur for many years now, and it's one of the many things that attracts me to the few models in the PP range who have them! So, I've decided, if I can get off my lazy butt, to make little cigars for my Minions army! How cool is that?! There all going to have little hand rolled smokes! w00t! I'll eventually think of a Farrow-ish name brand to call them, but that's still on the drawing board for now.

I've got a few ideas for some bases, I'm planning to have resin bases for this lot, but will be altering them some (yay for a dremel!) and adding a mix of water effects to the bases. I'm hoping to get a trial/test one done by next week, and would love to get your thoughts on it when that happens.

Army list wise for the 50pts I have planned, I have both of the Farrow Warlocks, I like Carver, don't get me wrong, his sword his awesome, and he's a tough looking Farrow who doesn't take any crap. But I'm really inclined to Arkadius, I like his spell list, and the fact he likes to engineer warbeast and such hehe, so he'll be my main focus. I'm currently feeling that 2 Warhogs and 1 Gunboar feel reasonable for his battle group, I might end up running 2 of each should I feel the need. Here's kinda the rough list I'm leaning towards right now:

Arkadius +6
-Warhog - Pigfat 8pts
-Warhog - Baconbitz 8pts
-Gunboar - Shake N' Bake 5 pts

Min Brigands - 5pts
Min Brigands - 5pts
Min Bonegrinders - 2pts
Razorback Crew - 3pts
Razorback Crew - 3pts

Saxon Orrik - 2pts
Rorsh & Brine - 9pts

Leaving me about 6 pts, which hopefully a unit of Slaughterhousers will cost, but I can always make adjustments. The idea is that the Razorback Crews and the Brigands will Dig In, and the Razorback Crews will grant fire support to the Brigands. The Bonegrinders are there to support Arkadius (+2 spell range) and cast Aggression Dial should I need to when one of the Warhogs die, and maybe use Arcane Bolt should the chance be given. Rorsh and Brine are there to give flanking support, plus a little extra hitting power. I've included Saxon to help with Pathfinder on a unit, so I don't have to use one of the Brigand Shaman's prayers, that way I can get Tough/Fearless, with Pathfinder :). And not to mention he can help finish up carving an enemy warbeast should I be fighting Hordes, and take pot-shots with his rifle.

Alrighty fella's, I'll be adding the WIP shot of Rorsh this evening when I get home, and I really hope to stay on target this time around, now that life seems to be giving me a breather.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Time always gets away from me! Sorry for no update in the past 2 weeks lads, life has well, been life, and always busy! I have however been in the mood to play some Menoth lately. I've been rambling about it for about 2 years now to a few of my friends about a Testament list, and well, the other day I went and bought it lol.

I have a big weekend coming up (Good Friday and Easter) and plan to do a lot of building and painting. Sorry for no pictures right now sadly.

Here's what I'm running at the moment, subject to change after play testing of course.

Testament of Menoth
Avatar of Awesomeness(ok ok, Menoth)

Cleansers - min unit
Exemplar Errants - full unit with UA
Choir - min unit
Covenant of Menoth

I have a lot more I've already decided on adding to the list, but that's what I managed to pick up, and figured I wouldn't overwhelm myself to the building and painting in one weekend lol. My goal is to get the Testament and the Choir done by Friday and to start the Cleansers Saturday and hopefully finish them off Sunday evening. I'm not going for the normal OCD painting standard I usually enforce on myself, so that I can actually have some painted models on the table, rather than just one model painted lol.

But I'll post again tomorrow with WIP shots!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little late, but better than never!

Hi guys!

Running a little late with the post for this week, and from mid last week. I tried, but a few things got in the way. But to the good stuff now!

As per previous comments, Supportbyfire, I have yet to try a digi camo scheme yet. I had something whipped up with the airbrush, but the prep time on the test model was more than I wanted to spend on an entire army! lol. I might end up going with a easy tan desert scheme sadly. But I'm still going to try a few different experiments to see if I can at least get a nice blended or sprayed on camo blend.

This past weekend I managed to set up a little painting station, rather than painting on my TV Tray as usual. I rather like it, gives me a lot more space, for painting and modeling.

I also picked up a few more Cryx models for the army I was going to do for the Online Gaming Journal on the PP Forums. Sadly I haven't see much of it on there yet, as I believe it was postponed, but hopefully it'll come up again and we can start it! Otherwise I might just have to start painting these models before then!

I managed to get Epic Skarre, and some Satyxis Blood Witches. Sadly they didn't have any Raiders in stock, not for a while too :(, I was hoping to get some of those as well for a small Skarre force. I managed to get a Malice (upgrade kit and plastic kit together) for a fairly cheap price, couldn't resist! So I might give it a try as well, model wise, I like the look, rules don't see that bad either.

I also worked on Epic Doomshaper some over the weekend. Almost got the skin tone where I want it. Hopefully I'll get to work on him a little more this week as well. Sorry for the poor lighting, now with the bit of extra free time I have, I'm going to get a light box set up hopefully this weekend.

Again I'm hoping to update this again by the weekend, trying to motivate myself more and post at least twice a week rather than once a week. Slowly getting there!

Until next time lads, cheers!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Back in action!

Hey guys,

It has been some time since I've last made a post, due to work, school, and life just being too busy. I've finally been able to sit down and work on a few projects this past 2 weeks and I'm feeling productive once again!

I've been putting together a sweet Trollblood army that I'll be taking to Locked & Loaded in June this year, and a small Cryx for a side project.

For the Trollbloods, I've been working on Epic Madrak, and Gunbjorn. I love the Epic Madrak model, so there wasn't much I needed to do with it, but Gunbjorn on the other hand, well now! I'm not a big fan of Southern/Confederate style hats, even if it's supposed to related to Cygnar (suck it blues!). So I decided to fix it! Being the jarhead I am, there was only one solution. Marine BDU(battle dress uniform) Cap! Oh yea baby!

I'm going to have him painted up with red skin (as all my Trolls are, and mostly all my models lol), with some Desert Digi Camo. 

Next up, I picked up a few new Cryx models. Got a pair of Ripjaws, and a pair of the new Scavengers that just came out last week! I have to say, they're some nice little models. Have yet to try them out, but I'm hoping to get a chance to try them this weekend! For now, the goal is to get some paint on them during the week this week.

Hopefully I'll get some painting done tonight after work! I'll post again with some result on Wednesday!!

Cheers everyone!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Hey guys,

Sorry I've been M.I.A. My dad has just recently had surgery, so between that, work, and school, my hands have been a little tied. Haven't had the chance to work on much the past week or so, but hoping to get some models done this week!

Also, our paint and play league is doing very well! Next week we're jumping up to 35 points, and I feel that everyone is pretty excited. There has been a lot, and I mean a lot of games going on at the 25 point level. Our undefeated Khador player just recently lost his first game! Someone had to put Old Witch in her place! lol. I'll be updating the P&P picture section hopefully tomorrow or Thursday as well. It doesn't have a lot of room for me to post pictures, so please click on the link to check out the photo album there!

As for what has been on the work/painting desk the past 2 weeks, I've recently got motivated to work on my Retribution once again. So I have a few models from that line, and a few of my Mercs I'm working on as well. I'm almost done with 1 Regenade for my Magnus Agenda, and I'm probably the only one insane enough to run 4 Manglers with Epig Magnus (c'mon, they're 7 freakin' points!!!) hehehe.

Well I'm off for now, I'm hoping to update again on Thursday (our league night). Until then, good gaming, and cheers!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday update! Huzzah!

So we were able to get some games in this weekend for the League, which was great. I've posted some pictures in that section today! Yesterday afternoon I spent a little bit of time painting up Warwitch Denegrah. For the most part, I'm happy how she's come out, granted I wish I had more time to really put the effort I wanted to, but due to time restraints with everything else, I'm happy. I got some WIP pics I'll post at the bottom of this post.

My brother played his first game outside of the Cygnar battle box, and wow, he did a lot better than I expected, and really smacked some face! He is really enjoying the Trencher Commandos a lot, they fit his playstyle. His Stormblades faired ok mostly. In the game he played against me, I knew better and killed the UA officer first chance I had lol. Croe's Cutthroat's did the job quite well :). Sadly in the following two turns, he cleaned the house with them lol. In the end, my Mangler and Talon were finally taken out of action, and MacBain walked around just enough to Hand Cannon Stryker in the face practically! Was pretty fantastic, and there was a lot of positive energy and enthusiam around our table, which just made the entire game wonderful.

Well off to the work table again! Here's some WIP of Warwitch Denegrah! Sorry for the shod pictures, I still don't have a camera yet, I need to buy one. These are taken with my Blackberry Bold 9700.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Weeeeeeee Models! It's paintin' time!

So last night I came a little earlier than usual from the hobby shop, been feeling a little under the weather this week. So I decided to take a count of the models I've gotten to work on since the beginning of December and now. Let's just say it's a little more than I honestly thought, but I'm prepping myself for the challenge of getting it painted!!

Epic Irusk
Epic Sorscha
Full unit of Man O' War Demo Corps
Full unit of Man O' War Shocktroopers
Greatbears of Gallowswood
2 Mortars
Full unit of Rifle Corps
Kovnik Joe
2x Juggernaughts
1x Spriggan

40 Steelhead Halberdiers
5  Steelhead Cav
20 Steelhead Riflemen
Stannis Brocker
Drake MacBain
Epic Eiryss
Taryn (that gun mage chick!)
Kell Belloch
Full unit of Croe's Cutthroat's
Sam's Devil Dog's

Witch Coven
Epic Skarre
2x Pistol Wraiths (Regular and Variant)
Machine Wraith
20 Mech Thralls
Full unit of Bane Thralls
Bane Thrall UA
2x Deathrippers
2x Ripjaws
2 Nightwretches
1x Defiler
2x Stalkers
2x Slayers
1x Cankerworm
Bloat Thrall

I think that covers it all. It's not much, but it's just a little more than I usually get over a month's time period. My goal right now is to have the Mercs and Cryx done first, with periodically working on the Khador. It's time to get things painted and stop slackin'!!!! I plan to sit down tonight, tomorrow, and Sunday and get some stuff done, I'll be posting WIP's as I go starting tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Army lists!

It's been crazy between New Year's and Christmas, but things are finally back to normal. Today I wanted to list our Army lists we're gonna playtest for our 25pt bracket of our Paint and Play League that I'm running at our LGS-Asgard Games.

My little brother wants to try out infantry primarily with Stryker, this is what he's come up with so far:

Styrker +6 WJpts
Ironclad 7pts
Lancer 6pts
Squire 2pts

Stormblade Infantry 5pts -Leader and 5 Grunts
-Stormblade UA 3pts
--Stormblade Storm Gunner 1pt

Trencher Commandos 6pts -Leader and 5 Grunts
--Trencher Commando Scatter Gunner 1pt

Grand total of 25pts

I think his idea was to tarpit with the stormblades, assault and aoe's from them can be nasty, plus having arcane shield up on them makes them live a little while longer. The commandos were going to be 2nd line or flanking i think. with stealth and anatomical precision, they can kill single would infantry pretty well. On his warjacks, I personally told him i thought Ol'Rowdy was a bit expensive on the points at this bracket. He's been hammering things to pieces with that Ironclad in our battle box bracket we have right now pretty good, so I think he's sticking with it until we hit 35. The lancer he enjoys the arcnode for earthquaking lol too much. I've also taught him the potential of that buggers shield with the cortex buster, and he's learned quick how to use it to his advantage.

As for my list, I've decided since I'm taking Epic Irusk to Locked & Loaded, and Warmachine the Weekend, that I'd try a little something different for the League (that and I'm an experienced Khador player, and some of the newer people I didn't want to run off). So I'm going with Mercenaries!! I've always been in love with Mercs, but never took the time to build a list with them. I chose MacBain as my Warcaster. He's as close to a Steelhead as I can get for now (Steelheads are my fav!).

Four Star:

MacBain +6 WJpts
Nomad 6pts
Mangler 8pts

Reinholdt 1pt
Epic Eiryss 3pts
Rhupert Carvolo 2pts

Croe's Cutthroat's 7pts -Leader and 5 Grunts
Steelhead Halberdiers 4pts -Leader and 5 Grunts

Grand Total of 25pts

For tarpit I've got the Halberdiers with Rhupert, tough rolls all around lads! I'm using Epic Eiryss for removal and solo hunting should I need it, but more for removing upkeep spells on enemy models/units. The Nomad and Mangler are good warjacks in my opinion, especially with Fail Safe on one of them, I know for sure I'll get my mileage out of that baby before I get the bodgers to fixin' it lol. Croes Cutthroat's get posion against living models, which I intend to abuse quite a bit, it's such an easy way to get rid of single would infantry! Not too mention the unit has stealth, Advance Deploy and Pathfinder. Croe's pistol Hiss will come in handy, if I can get a good shot off, I can prevent a warcaster/warlock or something of the spellcasting nature to not be able to cast for a turn-which can definitely save my butt in a tight situation. And lastly, I have Reinholdt, the trusty little famous gobber. With him near MacBain, any of his 3 abilities will greatly enhance Drake. I got reload for an extra shot, spyglass-which can be used on any 2 models within Drake's LOS, and lucky charm, never hurts to have signs and portents on a dice roll! :).

I'll be taking some pictures and creating a gallery of the players in our league this coming Thursday evening when we meet up again. We have a total of 14 players now, and the support for it it fantastic! I'll be posting up a few battle reports (i'll be making a section for those too here soon!) as well.

Until next time!