Monday, December 27, 2010

The Christmas after Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did.

I wanted to say our Paint and Play league at my LGS is doing well, we're up to 10 people with the possibility of 2 more! We're coming up on week three, and I do have some pictures taken last week with my phone of Sorscha and Stryker. Only problem I have now, is with Christmas here, I kinda practically bought myself a nice gift of let's say........another 150 points of Khador? What!? You know you'd do it too if you had the chance!!! Lol, none the less, I have a lot of list options and friggin sweet models to work on now. I got my brother the remainder for his 50 point army, plus a few extra's, so he's got about 75 points or so of Cygnar now.

I feel guilty for not updating this in like 2 weeks. But now that the holidays are over, and things are getting back to normal, I think I'll be back to my regular hobby/modelling routine at night now. But I'll give another update later this week with how the League is going, even with a few pictures of our crew wrecking some face!! And I swear, we have one new Menoth player who is in love with his Repenter. Our store owne and PG who's been playing Warmachine since release was just in shock and awe with him. He has literally caught the enemy warcaster on fire in every game he's played, even to mine, regardless if he win's or loses. It's freakin' epic and hilarious at the same time!

Here's our WIP shots of our Battle Box casters wrapping up to a finish! Also, my WIP Epic Irusk for when we move up to 25 points too :).

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekly update!

Been another busy week with work (hurray for busy season!). But I did manage to get a few things done, as well as my brother too. My camera decided to hang itself and isn't working, but I'm going to attempt to take a few picturues with my blackberry tonight and see how they come out. I have Sorscha done pretty much and the legs of the Juggy from the battle box I've been working on. My brother finished up his Stryker, but I think there's a lot more he could do, just have to show him how.

We did get some games in last night though! Which was great. We kinda initiated a paint and play, or grow league upon the store, we have about 9 people right now, and I think the rest of our meta is gonna jump in too (we have about 25 people or so). I played Menoth twice, and both games, poor Kreoss went Axe to Mouth from the Juggy :), made my friggin' night hehe. My brother played against Menoth and Cryx, I honestly can't remember how he faired in his game versus Menoth, but I know he learned quick about how crazy Cryx arc nodes can be with Dene lol, but he sadly lost that game. We're hoping to get some more games in over the weekend, and some painting as well. I'm really excited about jumping up to 25 points in Jan now, playing all these battle box games has been a youthful insight to how much fun I truly enjoy this game outside of the competitive circuit. I've been debating a few alternatives for my 25 point list, but I'm getting ready for a Dr's appointment here shortly, my dang foot/ankle has been really hurting after it has healed from my motorcycle accident in June this year. But afterwards or this evening I'll post the lists and like your thoughts on them!

Cheers until then!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well, something good came out of this week!

So my little brother got settled in good after getting here last weekend. Best part was he like the models for Warmachine and after playing a few battle box games with his Cygnar box, he's got them ready for painting! (he's been using the store's cygnar box to play with). It actually gave some of us the idea to do a Grow League, which I always thought was fun. So about 4 of us right now that really dont care about being competitive have decided to do this. We got my brother with Cygnar, I chose Khador as it's my first love!, then our 2 other friends actually chose Cryx, and Menoth. So we have all the main factions! (I don't count Retribution :P). This month we've decided to work solely on battle boxes and get them painted up and we actually played about 8 games each today lol, was a lot of fun and a nice break from 50pt games. We just got home and finished priming up our warcasters, so my brother and I are gonna work on them for now. I will try to either post our progress late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Until then, Cheers!!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Sorry for no update this week, it's been very busy between work and personal life. I've been putting in extra time for some deadlines at the office, and then I have my little brother coming to move in with me, so it's been a very hectic week or so.

But on a good note,  I did round off my 50 Point Grim Angus list last night when I finally picked up the rest of the models I needed. I'll be getting it all built and ready for priming this weekend and I'll update again with a full group shot and such with an army list written out here tomorrow :).

I have done some skin tone on my troll impaler as well, but I'm not too happy with it honestly. I was going with a blue-ish skin tone that I kinda wanted to try, but I'm just not feeling it, if you know what I mean. So I plan to strip him and re-do him red, hehe just like every other army I own! So hopefully I'll have a picture up of him tomorrow assuming I can get priming done tonight with no bad weather! *fingers crossed*