Wednesday, November 2, 2011

*sigh, I need motivation!, my thoughts on the Steampunk basing kit.

Hi Guys,

Lately work has just been busy, and haven't done much. That and I needed to rant how I've been feeling lately when it comes to I apologize in advance.

It probably doesn't help that my gaming meta is a pretty competitive, tournament going group. Being the casual player doesn't really fit in. We really don't have leagues or campaigns sadly unless I run one, which is just a lot of effort and usually means I don't get to participate. Unfortunately it's been leading to a severe dislike and lack of motivation towards working on my WM models. Don't like going into play a game and getting criticized for not taking something competitive (I take the models I like and that think look cool most of the time) and then proceed to get smashed turn 2 and the game ends. Not really fun in my opinion, so I haven't really ventured up to the LGS.

Surprisingly enough, an old friend of mine got in touch with me just the other day too. He wanted to know if I was interested in participating in a Necromunda League. I was like hell yea! Used to play that a lot in the mid 90's and such. For those of you who didn't know, before Warmachine, I played GW games for about 20 years, starting with Rogue Trader up until 5th Edition of 40k, and 3rd edition of Warhammer until roughly 7th Edition.

I pulled out all my old Necromunda mini's last night, and tonight I'm hoping to give them a nice little revamp and bring some life into em'.  So my next few posts will be mixed up a little more with that, rather than PP.

I did however receive my skullcrafts basing kit, and after going through it, not much is really different from what you would normally use. I did take a few pictures of the cogs and parts they give you, I feel the kit is "ok" but definitely not something that stands out like I thought it might. I'll be adding a few pictures this evening of what I take of the kit. The grey paste was alright, but I think I'd prefer milliput a little more, as it hardens better. The grey stuff was nice that I could add some gravel and such to the mix before it dried, but not much to work with depending on your base size.

The rest of the product wasn't bad, the leaf scatter and cork scatter is pretty fair. I think the cork scatter would be great for those who did outcrop, rock, or mountain bases for sure. Or if you use the large cork pieces for your bases, this would be a nice way to help round of the edges and such by adding a little pva glue and sprinkling/submersing the base in a tub of it.

I'll update this post tonight with some pictures, and hopefully be posting again by the weekend.

Cheers mates.