Monday, October 10, 2011

waiting...waiting...but there's always good in waiting!

So quick update. I decided to go with the Steampunk basing kit from Skullcrafts. I've used a few of their products before, so when these show up I'm going to do a nice little review on them. I've also decided that in recent light, I'm probably going to use some of it on a small skorne army I'm working on too.

One of the PG's on the forums, PG Warlockbylandt, his son Vince (he's 15 yrs old) got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis ;(. I know his lad is going through a tough time right now, especially since he has to have a new pair of lungs transplanted here very soon. Here's the links to the PP pages:

Medical Situation
Ghool's contribution

However, a few of the guys on the forums are donating some models to this brave young man. I've always had a soft spot for things like these, my mum always said it was my noble nature *shrug* that I get from her side of the family. I've donated small armies (25-35 points) and battlefoam bags in the past to certain events and leagues, but I've decided to do something special this time around.

The recent Trencher army that I've been building, I've decided I'm going to donate it to Vince and mail it out to him. Granted I don't have the time to paint it sadly, and I wish I could ;(. But in my mind, and one of the reasons I was built this army was cause I've always been inspired by the basic "grunt" and the hardships they endure and how tough they are and always come out fighting and on top no matter the odds. I'm a huge history nut when it comes to warfare and the Infantry, and I admire those like this in the past.

Well, I see Vince as a Trencher in Cygnar Boot Camp. He's got a tough time ahead of him, and it's not going to be easy. But in the end, he's going to come out stronger, and better than ever before! So Vince, here's some reinforcements to help you through your struggle!

Grenadier Light Warjack x2
Lancer Light Warjack x1
Centurion Heavy Warjack x1
Trencher Infantry - Full unit with Unit Attachment and 2 Grenade Porters
Trencher Commandos - Full unit with 3 Scatter Gunner Weapon Attachments
Trencher Cannon and Crew
Trencher Chain Gun
Long Gunners - Full unit with Unit Attachment
Trencher Master Gunner solo x2
Captain Maxwell Finn

This comes out to 74 points of butt kicking Infantry awesomeness!

I should be doing an update for the Basing kit around Wednesday, should be here by then. But for now that's it, keep Vince and his family if your prayers my fellow readers if you can please :).

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  1. Well done, sir! I applaud your generosity, and I will keep the boy in my thoughts.