Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lock & Load is right around the corner!!!!!

Hey guys!

I know I haven't really updated this in a very long time. I've hit a modeling slump and it's been kind of rough to get out of. Luckily, the past two weeks have helped, with the excitement that comes with conventions. I already knew I was going to Lock and Load since they announced it, and the fact it wasn't too far off in the future motivated me to at least get the army I was taking finally assembled!

My army decision was totally based on the fact I like the Kromac model, and I also played him in Mk1 Warmachine/Hordes. I was goofing off around the game shop a little over two weeks ago and then it hit me. I should totally take a Kromac list to L&L since I love that model so much! I'm a huge fan of the Tharn model range, I guess it's just something about the savage and barbaric nature to them, it really appeals to me.

Here's a little pic of Kromac and his warpack!

I still have to decide on a second caster, and it was a tough choice, it's two days away, and I'm still deciding between Mohsar and Epic Kaya, I like Mohsar more but my list composition changes quite a bit to a point where it doesn't suit my play style. Still working out the play testing bugs on that though (we've been practicing everyday for about two weeks now lol).

I know this is a short post, but playing everyday the past few weeks has greatly given me the motivation I needed again to go full swing in the hobby again. So stay tuned after this coming weekend, I'm going to revamp my page a little bit, add a convention album section (hell yea, L&L pics!), going to redo the army list section I was trying to work on, and post up the new Paint and Play League I'm going to run in July. The last one I ran earlier this year was such a hit, that I've been getting numerous questions if I'm going to run another and how people were wanting in on it. My goal for the rest of this month, and July, is to post every Monday, and Thursday at the very minimum, regardless of it's nature, being just a little painting, or a full blown mod.

I'm also going to do a little raffle in a way. I know my buddy Plarzoid has done one, and I think it could work for me as well. I know I've only got 4 followers right now, you guys rock by the way, thanks for continually being there! My goal is to have 20 consistent followers by the end of July. If I can accomplish this, some lucky follower is going to get a limited run cast of the Resin Sorscha produced by Privateer Press. You know, this one:

I won't be posting again until after this weekend, gotta finish getting models ready this evening, and get a few more games in. Not mentioning still have to pack, as we leave Friday morning to head out to Seattle! I will see you guys Monday night, with a new post, and stories from Lock and Load!!


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