Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Time always gets away from me! Sorry for no update in the past 2 weeks lads, life has well, been life, and always busy! I have however been in the mood to play some Menoth lately. I've been rambling about it for about 2 years now to a few of my friends about a Testament list, and well, the other day I went and bought it lol.

I have a big weekend coming up (Good Friday and Easter) and plan to do a lot of building and painting. Sorry for no pictures right now sadly.

Here's what I'm running at the moment, subject to change after play testing of course.

Testament of Menoth
Avatar of Awesomeness(ok ok, Menoth)

Cleansers - min unit
Exemplar Errants - full unit with UA
Choir - min unit
Covenant of Menoth

I have a lot more I've already decided on adding to the list, but that's what I managed to pick up, and figured I wouldn't overwhelm myself to the building and painting in one weekend lol. My goal is to get the Testament and the Choir done by Friday and to start the Cleansers Saturday and hopefully finish them off Sunday evening. I'm not going for the normal OCD painting standard I usually enforce on myself, so that I can actually have some painted models on the table, rather than just one model painted lol.

But I'll post again tomorrow with WIP shots!


1 comment:

  1. Yay, glad to see you back!

    Looks like you need full TFG + UA too. The EE self-sacrifice cheats you on souls, so in bigger games, you'll want some cannon fodder.

    Oooo are you going to run horsies with Testament? That'd be brutal!