WM/H Army Lists

Hey guys, right now I'm working on a small Cryx army due to the fact I just really enjoy the models and think they'd be awesome on the table!

25 points:

Lord Exhumator Scaverous +5 WJ pts
-Deathripper 4 pts
-Erebus 8 pts

Bane Thralls - Max unit 8 pts
-Bane Thrall Unit Attachment 3 pts

Bane Lord Tartarus 4 pts
Pistol Wraith 3pts

I would really like a Nightwretch over the Deathripper, but I'm content on waiting for the plastic kit in September to come out. I have a few of the metal ones, but they look a little small in proportion to my other bone jack's now though.

It's a pretty straight forward list, DR acts as the arc node, Erebus is there to lay down the smack, and get me some souls thanks to his affinity with Scaverous (allows Scav to gain the souls if Erebus is in his CTRL area).

The Bane Thralls are self explanatory I think for most players, they're stealth, weapon masters, and dark shroud.  The UA gives them Dead Rise, allowing them to stand up for free, and Tough thanks to the Standard Bearer.  Tartarus is there to curse models/units for the Banes, and wreak some havoc himself, adding a few grunts to the Banes in addition.

I'm a little unsure about the Pistol Wraith, I threw him in for his chain attack, which pretty much can buy me a little time against a heavy jack' if really needed. I don't think it's required though, I'm going to be play testing it this weekend some. I think I'm probably going to swap it out for a Warwitch Siren, if I do that, I'll upgrade the Deathripper to a Ripjaw to make up for the extra point.

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