Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A little late, but better than never!

Hi guys!

Running a little late with the post for this week, and from mid last week. I tried, but a few things got in the way. But to the good stuff now!

As per previous comments, Supportbyfire, I have yet to try a digi camo scheme yet. I had something whipped up with the airbrush, but the prep time on the test model was more than I wanted to spend on an entire army! lol. I might end up going with a easy tan desert scheme sadly. But I'm still going to try a few different experiments to see if I can at least get a nice blended or sprayed on camo blend.

This past weekend I managed to set up a little painting station, rather than painting on my TV Tray as usual. I rather like it, gives me a lot more space, for painting and modeling.

I also picked up a few more Cryx models for the army I was going to do for the Online Gaming Journal on the PP Forums. Sadly I haven't see much of it on there yet, as I believe it was postponed, but hopefully it'll come up again and we can start it! Otherwise I might just have to start painting these models before then!

I managed to get Epic Skarre, and some Satyxis Blood Witches. Sadly they didn't have any Raiders in stock, not for a while too :(, I was hoping to get some of those as well for a small Skarre force. I managed to get a Malice (upgrade kit and plastic kit together) for a fairly cheap price, couldn't resist! So I might give it a try as well, model wise, I like the look, rules don't see that bad either.

I also worked on Epic Doomshaper some over the weekend. Almost got the skin tone where I want it. Hopefully I'll get to work on him a little more this week as well. Sorry for the poor lighting, now with the bit of extra free time I have, I'm going to get a light box set up hopefully this weekend.

Again I'm hoping to update this again by the weekend, trying to motivate myself more and post at least twice a week rather than once a week. Slowly getting there!

Until next time lads, cheers!


  1. I like your painting set up you got there, and your Doomshaper is looking really cool. Loving the Hellboy skin tone as well. Looking forward to seeing more.

    Support By Fire

  2. Thanks man! I like the fact I can actually set things about on the table now lol. I haven't had a paint station in about 11 years, figured now was better than never again!

    Red happens to be my fav color, pretty much every army I paint is red. Luckily red looks fantastic on Trollbloods I think, so in the long run, the finished army will look pretty cool I hope :D.

  3. Definitely a nice setup. I always feel better working on a clean desk when there's more room and less clutter. I imagine moving from a TV tray to a full blown workstation is similar.

    Doomie does look good! Nice picture too.

    Keep it up man! You have no excuse now! :D

  4. I agree Plarzoid, I always get more completed at a higher standard when I have my station organized and just what I am working on out on the paint stand. To many kits out at one time can be distracting and then personal deadlines do not get met. At least that is how it works for me.