Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Distractions....and Cigars!!

Heya guys!

Well, I won't lie, it's been busy with work and school (finals last week and this week), but that's no excuse! I've been a little lazy in what spare time I've had, and feel free to smack me with the lazy stick.

I have been working on the Khador list I'm taking to L&L Hardcore next month, running out of time to get it painted, along with working on a few Piggies(go minions!). I'm going to leave a few spaces to insert pictures tonight, forgot my bloody camera at home (at work right now). But I've started working on Rorsh and Brine, which are just awesome models! Not to mention he's got a cigar, which is hands down awesome.

<insert picture here>

I've been a huge cigar connoisseur for many years now, and it's one of the many things that attracts me to the few models in the PP range who have them! So, I've decided, if I can get off my lazy butt, to make little cigars for my Minions army! How cool is that?! There all going to have little hand rolled smokes! w00t! I'll eventually think of a Farrow-ish name brand to call them, but that's still on the drawing board for now.

I've got a few ideas for some bases, I'm planning to have resin bases for this lot, but will be altering them some (yay for a dremel!) and adding a mix of water effects to the bases. I'm hoping to get a trial/test one done by next week, and would love to get your thoughts on it when that happens.

Army list wise for the 50pts I have planned, I have both of the Farrow Warlocks, I like Carver, don't get me wrong, his sword his awesome, and he's a tough looking Farrow who doesn't take any crap. But I'm really inclined to Arkadius, I like his spell list, and the fact he likes to engineer warbeast and such hehe, so he'll be my main focus. I'm currently feeling that 2 Warhogs and 1 Gunboar feel reasonable for his battle group, I might end up running 2 of each should I feel the need. Here's kinda the rough list I'm leaning towards right now:

Arkadius +6
-Warhog - Pigfat 8pts
-Warhog - Baconbitz 8pts
-Gunboar - Shake N' Bake 5 pts

Min Brigands - 5pts
Min Brigands - 5pts
Min Bonegrinders - 2pts
Razorback Crew - 3pts
Razorback Crew - 3pts

Saxon Orrik - 2pts
Rorsh & Brine - 9pts

Leaving me about 6 pts, which hopefully a unit of Slaughterhousers will cost, but I can always make adjustments. The idea is that the Razorback Crews and the Brigands will Dig In, and the Razorback Crews will grant fire support to the Brigands. The Bonegrinders are there to support Arkadius (+2 spell range) and cast Aggression Dial should I need to when one of the Warhogs die, and maybe use Arcane Bolt should the chance be given. Rorsh and Brine are there to give flanking support, plus a little extra hitting power. I've included Saxon to help with Pathfinder on a unit, so I don't have to use one of the Brigand Shaman's prayers, that way I can get Tough/Fearless, with Pathfinder :). And not to mention he can help finish up carving an enemy warbeast should I be fighting Hordes, and take pot-shots with his rifle.

Alrighty fella's, I'll be adding the WIP shot of Rorsh this evening when I get home, and I really hope to stay on target this time around, now that life seems to be giving me a breather.


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