Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alright, back into the swing.

Well last Saturday, August 27th, I held and TO'd our Warmachine Weekend Qualifier here at Asgard Games! Was pretty awesome, Legion of Everblight took home the top spot, not to mention a slot in the Warmachine Weekend Invitational Tournament this year.

As for models, I'm finishing up a few more Rhulics that I'm donating to Rich over at Clash for the Cure in October, for his tournament in Waco, TX. Clash for the Cure! is the Facebook page, I highly suggest checking it out and try to attend if you're in the area! I know I'll be going along with a few other friends here from Houston.

My paint and play league is going fairly well, we're about to start week 7 and jump to 35 point games. I'm hoping to have some pictures up here in the next few days.

After I finish up my last pinning commission this evening (I'm up to 170 Iron Fang Pikemen and 60 Bane Knights now!) I'm hoping to throw some paint on Prime Thagrosh. I've just been itching to paint him, not sure why really.

Well next update by the weekend! Cheers lads!

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