Monday, October 3, 2011

To the trenches lads' !

I know I haven't updated in a while, I'm sorry ;/. Life, work, and school has been busy, along with quite a few commissions at my FLGS.

I have been having the itch to build a Trencher force, for quite some time actually. I honestly hate Cygnar with a passion, as it's the only faction I have never owned or collected. Well I took that plunge, cause I'm a fan of the Trencher models and the type of warfare they represent and bought me a force that I will probably run with Haley or Stryker. This will probably be more of a fun list, with a little competitive edge to it, rather than something to steamroll someone with.

The beginning...

This list of models in the above picture:

Mk2 Trencher Box
Trencher Unit Attachment
Trencher Grenade Porter x2
Mk2 Long Gunners Box
Long Gunner Unit Attachment
Trencher Commando Box
Trencher Commando Scatter Gunner x2
Trencher Master Gunner Solo x2
Cap'n Maxwell Finn
Trencher Chain Gun Crew
Trencher Cannon Crew
Fuzzy Cat Tail

Now after watching Kingdom of Heaven (haven't watched that in a while, so figured why not), I managed to get assembled:

Full Unit of Trenchers with UA, and both Grenade Porters-I'll eventually find a 3rd one.
Full Unit of Long Gunners with UA
Cap'n Maxwell Finn
Trencher Master Gunner solos x2
Trencher Commandos 95%-have to attach a few hands and sheathed blades.

Tonight I going to knock out the little pieces for the Commandos for sure, but haven't decided if I'm going to do the Mud bases with Milliput or try to wrap up the rest of the models.

But I'm currently not doing commissions and work has slowed down, so I plan to start updating more now that I'm working on my own models again! lol. I should have some more pics up tomorrow for you guys! I'll also try to do a small walk through of how I do my bases as well, with some WIP shots in my next post!

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