Monday, July 11, 2011

Well, better late than never!

Hey guys,

I'm doing horrible at trying to keep up with posting twice a week, I know, fail lol. But I have been trying to get a few things done. I've been wrapping up the last details for the Warmachine Weekend Qualifier I'm running here in Houston, on August 27th, and also putting the finishing touches on the Paint and Play league I'm running that starts next week. Both events are in the clear now, and I can rest easy for the moment.

As for models, I've completed my 15 point army for fielding in the Paint and Play! Here's the list:

15points - Privateers! - Shae's Theme force - A Pirate's Life

Cap'n Shae - +6 WJ pts
-Freebooter - 6 pts
-Mariner - 8 pts
Pressgangers - Min Unit - 4 pts
Doc Killingsworth - 1 pt
First Mate Hawk - 1 pt
Bosun Grogspear - 1 pt

His theme list makes solo's 1 point cheaper, which is totally awesome. I was tempted to drop the Mariner and take the Commodore Cannon, a Buccaneer, and Dirty Meg. But I thought it'd be a little overkill at such a small game, and really didn't want to discourage people from playing me lol. That cannon is pretty menacing, a lot of people just don't know it lol.

I chose my 3 solo's for support with the Pressgangers specifically for what they do to  make the Pressgang unit more effective. First Mate Hawk gives them an additional damage dice, which is always nice. Pressgangers are Tough, add the Bosun to them, they're immune to knock down in his CMD range, which can make or break em' and doesn't free up line of sight for my opponent, Doc gives them 4+ Tough rolls instead of 5+, giving them a 50/50 survival rate!

I'm happy with the list at the moment, if it turns out I need to put the Commodore in, I'll find out after a few games to see if I need the extra hitting power over the Mariner. Here's a snapshot I took last night, I've started to put a little paint onto Shae, and I'm hoping to get some more base coats on him tonight, we'll see lol.

Sorry for this post being a little short guys, I'm going to try and get another update in by the end of this week. And I'm trying to scrounge up some time so Plarzoid can give me a hand in revamping my page, so fingers crossed!