Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday update! Huzzah!

So we were able to get some games in this weekend for the League, which was great. I've posted some pictures in that section today! Yesterday afternoon I spent a little bit of time painting up Warwitch Denegrah. For the most part, I'm happy how she's come out, granted I wish I had more time to really put the effort I wanted to, but due to time restraints with everything else, I'm happy. I got some WIP pics I'll post at the bottom of this post.

My brother played his first game outside of the Cygnar battle box, and wow, he did a lot better than I expected, and really smacked some face! He is really enjoying the Trencher Commandos a lot, they fit his playstyle. His Stormblades faired ok mostly. In the game he played against me, I knew better and killed the UA officer first chance I had lol. Croe's Cutthroat's did the job quite well :). Sadly in the following two turns, he cleaned the house with them lol. In the end, my Mangler and Talon were finally taken out of action, and MacBain walked around just enough to Hand Cannon Stryker in the face practically! Was pretty fantastic, and there was a lot of positive energy and enthusiam around our table, which just made the entire game wonderful.

Well off to the work table again! Here's some WIP of Warwitch Denegrah! Sorry for the shod pictures, I still don't have a camera yet, I need to buy one. These are taken with my Blackberry Bold 9700.


  1. Yay pictures! A white background may help your focus problem (camera seems to like the paint pots on your table). Glad you got some games in, that's more than I can say!

  2. Hey man, good to see you working on that huge list of models you have, and I am liking the Warwitch you are working on too. Check Wal-Mart for some decent cameras on sale, and that should fix your pic problem. Keep up the work, and keep posting pics, pics are good, they just can't show a lot of the closer up detail. Once you get a camera, then blow us away with some detail pics.

    Support By Fire

  3. Thanks guys! Yea i've been itching to get a real camera for quite some time now. Never had a real reason to own one until I decided to start my blog lol. I saw some nice ones on (13miles closer to me than walmart is lol) that I'm going to look at today after work.

    I'm hoping to finish up her staff this evening, and start either the Defiler or one of the two Nightwretches I'm planning to run with her.