Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 update, and new look coming soon!

Sorry for the lack of updates guys. Between my own health being a wee bit shabby of late and work, been hectic since Christmas.

But never fear! I'm actually upgrading my page here soon, and I'll be having contributors in addition to my posts, along with how to videos and battle reports. I'll be covering Warmachine and Hordes, Games Workshop games, Reaper Miniatures, and many others as well. It's a new year, with an upgraded blog! I'll post again soon with the website address, and I'll have a twitter page for it as well! The plan is to get a lot of pewter and plastic painted this year! huzzah!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

*sigh, I need motivation!, my thoughts on the Steampunk basing kit.

Hi Guys,

Lately work has just been busy, and haven't done much. That and I needed to rant how I've been feeling lately when it comes to I apologize in advance.

It probably doesn't help that my gaming meta is a pretty competitive, tournament going group. Being the casual player doesn't really fit in. We really don't have leagues or campaigns sadly unless I run one, which is just a lot of effort and usually means I don't get to participate. Unfortunately it's been leading to a severe dislike and lack of motivation towards working on my WM models. Don't like going into play a game and getting criticized for not taking something competitive (I take the models I like and that think look cool most of the time) and then proceed to get smashed turn 2 and the game ends. Not really fun in my opinion, so I haven't really ventured up to the LGS.

Surprisingly enough, an old friend of mine got in touch with me just the other day too. He wanted to know if I was interested in participating in a Necromunda League. I was like hell yea! Used to play that a lot in the mid 90's and such. For those of you who didn't know, before Warmachine, I played GW games for about 20 years, starting with Rogue Trader up until 5th Edition of 40k, and 3rd edition of Warhammer until roughly 7th Edition.

I pulled out all my old Necromunda mini's last night, and tonight I'm hoping to give them a nice little revamp and bring some life into em'.  So my next few posts will be mixed up a little more with that, rather than PP.

I did however receive my skullcrafts basing kit, and after going through it, not much is really different from what you would normally use. I did take a few pictures of the cogs and parts they give you, I feel the kit is "ok" but definitely not something that stands out like I thought it might. I'll be adding a few pictures this evening of what I take of the kit. The grey paste was alright, but I think I'd prefer milliput a little more, as it hardens better. The grey stuff was nice that I could add some gravel and such to the mix before it dried, but not much to work with depending on your base size.

The rest of the product wasn't bad, the leaf scatter and cork scatter is pretty fair. I think the cork scatter would be great for those who did outcrop, rock, or mountain bases for sure. Or if you use the large cork pieces for your bases, this would be a nice way to help round of the edges and such by adding a little pva glue and sprinkling/submersing the base in a tub of it.

I'll update this post tonight with some pictures, and hopefully be posting again by the weekend.

Cheers mates.

Monday, October 17, 2011

basing kit is here!

Hi guys,

Got the basing kit in the mail today after an apparent hiccup with the ordering process over at Skullcrafts. Also had Clash for the Cure just this past weekend on the 15th!

Stay tuned over the next day or so, I'm going to do my write up and review of the new(relatively new) Steampunk Basing kit by Skullcrafts and a run down of Clash!


Monday, October 10, 2011

waiting...waiting...but there's always good in waiting!

So quick update. I decided to go with the Steampunk basing kit from Skullcrafts. I've used a few of their products before, so when these show up I'm going to do a nice little review on them. I've also decided that in recent light, I'm probably going to use some of it on a small skorne army I'm working on too.

One of the PG's on the forums, PG Warlockbylandt, his son Vince (he's 15 yrs old) got diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis ;(. I know his lad is going through a tough time right now, especially since he has to have a new pair of lungs transplanted here very soon. Here's the links to the PP pages:

Medical Situation
Ghool's contribution

However, a few of the guys on the forums are donating some models to this brave young man. I've always had a soft spot for things like these, my mum always said it was my noble nature *shrug* that I get from her side of the family. I've donated small armies (25-35 points) and battlefoam bags in the past to certain events and leagues, but I've decided to do something special this time around.

The recent Trencher army that I've been building, I've decided I'm going to donate it to Vince and mail it out to him. Granted I don't have the time to paint it sadly, and I wish I could ;(. But in my mind, and one of the reasons I was built this army was cause I've always been inspired by the basic "grunt" and the hardships they endure and how tough they are and always come out fighting and on top no matter the odds. I'm a huge history nut when it comes to warfare and the Infantry, and I admire those like this in the past.

Well, I see Vince as a Trencher in Cygnar Boot Camp. He's got a tough time ahead of him, and it's not going to be easy. But in the end, he's going to come out stronger, and better than ever before! So Vince, here's some reinforcements to help you through your struggle!

Grenadier Light Warjack x2
Lancer Light Warjack x1
Centurion Heavy Warjack x1
Trencher Infantry - Full unit with Unit Attachment and 2 Grenade Porters
Trencher Commandos - Full unit with 3 Scatter Gunner Weapon Attachments
Trencher Cannon and Crew
Trencher Chain Gun
Long Gunners - Full unit with Unit Attachment
Trencher Master Gunner solo x2
Captain Maxwell Finn

This comes out to 74 points of butt kicking Infantry awesomeness!

I should be doing an update for the Basing kit around Wednesday, should be here by then. But for now that's it, keep Vince and his family if your prayers my fellow readers if you can please :).

Monday, October 3, 2011

To the trenches lads' !

I know I haven't updated in a while, I'm sorry ;/. Life, work, and school has been busy, along with quite a few commissions at my FLGS.

I have been having the itch to build a Trencher force, for quite some time actually. I honestly hate Cygnar with a passion, as it's the only faction I have never owned or collected. Well I took that plunge, cause I'm a fan of the Trencher models and the type of warfare they represent and bought me a force that I will probably run with Haley or Stryker. This will probably be more of a fun list, with a little competitive edge to it, rather than something to steamroll someone with.

The beginning...

This list of models in the above picture:

Mk2 Trencher Box
Trencher Unit Attachment
Trencher Grenade Porter x2
Mk2 Long Gunners Box
Long Gunner Unit Attachment
Trencher Commando Box
Trencher Commando Scatter Gunner x2
Trencher Master Gunner Solo x2
Cap'n Maxwell Finn
Trencher Chain Gun Crew
Trencher Cannon Crew
Fuzzy Cat Tail

Now after watching Kingdom of Heaven (haven't watched that in a while, so figured why not), I managed to get assembled:

Full Unit of Trenchers with UA, and both Grenade Porters-I'll eventually find a 3rd one.
Full Unit of Long Gunners with UA
Cap'n Maxwell Finn
Trencher Master Gunner solos x2
Trencher Commandos 95%-have to attach a few hands and sheathed blades.

Tonight I going to knock out the little pieces for the Commandos for sure, but haven't decided if I'm going to do the Mud bases with Milliput or try to wrap up the rest of the models.

But I'm currently not doing commissions and work has slowed down, so I plan to start updating more now that I'm working on my own models again! lol. I should have some more pics up tomorrow for you guys! I'll also try to do a small walk through of how I do my bases as well, with some WIP shots in my next post!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alright, back into the swing.

Well last Saturday, August 27th, I held and TO'd our Warmachine Weekend Qualifier here at Asgard Games! Was pretty awesome, Legion of Everblight took home the top spot, not to mention a slot in the Warmachine Weekend Invitational Tournament this year.

As for models, I'm finishing up a few more Rhulics that I'm donating to Rich over at Clash for the Cure in October, for his tournament in Waco, TX. Clash for the Cure! is the Facebook page, I highly suggest checking it out and try to attend if you're in the area! I know I'll be going along with a few other friends here from Houston.

My paint and play league is going fairly well, we're about to start week 7 and jump to 35 point games. I'm hoping to have some pictures up here in the next few days.

After I finish up my last pinning commission this evening (I'm up to 170 Iron Fang Pikemen and 60 Bane Knights now!) I'm hoping to throw some paint on Prime Thagrosh. I've just been itching to paint him, not sure why really.

Well next update by the weekend! Cheers lads!

Monday, August 8, 2011

In case you haven't notcied....

I'm slowly but surely giving the blog an update!!

Throughout this week, I'll be adding more to my blog here, showing the league I'm currently running and adding some pictures and few things that I've been meaning to do, just not have enough time in the day.

Thanks for your patience guy's during this re-construction! Coming soon - streaming updates!