Friday, December 3, 2010


Sorry for no update this week, it's been very busy between work and personal life. I've been putting in extra time for some deadlines at the office, and then I have my little brother coming to move in with me, so it's been a very hectic week or so.

But on a good note,  I did round off my 50 Point Grim Angus list last night when I finally picked up the rest of the models I needed. I'll be getting it all built and ready for priming this weekend and I'll update again with a full group shot and such with an army list written out here tomorrow :).

I have done some skin tone on my troll impaler as well, but I'm not too happy with it honestly. I was going with a blue-ish skin tone that I kinda wanted to try, but I'm just not feeling it, if you know what I mean. So I plan to strip him and re-do him red, hehe just like every other army I own! So hopefully I'll have a picture up of him tomorrow assuming I can get priming done tonight with no bad weather! *fingers crossed*

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