Saturday, December 11, 2010

Well, something good came out of this week!

So my little brother got settled in good after getting here last weekend. Best part was he like the models for Warmachine and after playing a few battle box games with his Cygnar box, he's got them ready for painting! (he's been using the store's cygnar box to play with). It actually gave some of us the idea to do a Grow League, which I always thought was fun. So about 4 of us right now that really dont care about being competitive have decided to do this. We got my brother with Cygnar, I chose Khador as it's my first love!, then our 2 other friends actually chose Cryx, and Menoth. So we have all the main factions! (I don't count Retribution :P). This month we've decided to work solely on battle boxes and get them painted up and we actually played about 8 games each today lol, was a lot of fun and a nice break from 50pt games. We just got home and finished priming up our warcasters, so my brother and I are gonna work on them for now. I will try to either post our progress late tonight or tomorrow morning.  Until then, Cheers!!

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  1. Very cool! That sounds like a blast! You gotta post lots of pictures as you two work on your models!