Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello again!
Sorry for the late reply, the weekend ended up being more eventful in other ways than painting sadly. I spent most of my time at the game store, just doing other things but painting! But, I did get something done! I have bad gamer ADHD and got the urge to work on some Trollbloods. Haven't really figured out a list yet, but I've really always enjoy the Warlock model Grim Angus. So, I painted him up and I'm planning a warpack with him currently. I'm pretty sure I'm already set on a Troll Impaler, and I'm thinking of an Earthborn Dire troll as well. But to the pictures! Sorry their not the best quality, I haven't been able to make it to the hobby lobby for some linen to make my light box yet, but plan to this weekend (yay 4 day weekend!).


  1. He looks really good! I love the lens on his gun, very well done.

  2. Thanks man :). I've always wanted to paint him up, and it's kinda encouraged me enough to finish his warpack off. I've got an impaler and blitzer on the table right now. The impaler is about halfway done, and got the blitzer's flesh done. Nothing says love more than a Dire Troll with a gun on his back!! lol

  3. Excellent, very 'clean' painting, I like your style. Each time I see nicely painted Trollbloods I feel encouraged to get a few a have a crack at them.